Sandblasting is  a process using compressed air combined with the correct media to remove rust, rust scale and paint. I use a 650 CFM air compressor with a 1,000 lbs. capacity sandblast pot with 750 CFM capacity after coolers to remove much of the water from the air. The dryer/ cleaner the air the better the blaster's efficiency. My blaster utilizes pinch valve controls which keeps the system fully pressurized so when I pull the trigger it's instant full pressure- very efficient. My equipment gives you a great value for your money! You can watch my video"The rig" on my video page it explains all of my equipment you get when you hire me.


Need your project primed and painted after I have sandblasted it? Of course I can do that- either with regular enamel or epoxy primer and you have a choice of coatings- either acrylic enamel (with activator/  hardener ) or epoxy, polyurethane,  or urethane coatings! I  am equipped with HVLP paint guns for fine finishes   and airless spray guns/ equipment for high production!


Yes! At Industrial Blast I offer water blasting with a 16,500 psi 3.9 gallon a minute water blaster that also allows me to inject either soda, crushed glass or garnet into the blast stream OR just use water alone!This equipment is perfect to prep pools and removing bottom paint from boats without roughing up the surface. Of course there are many other projects where this system would work perfectly - just ask!


Industrial Blast also offers welding and fabrication services. Call me and tell me  your needs and we can discuss the best solution to get you the outcome you desire!

Different media I offer

At Industrial Blast I recognize that media blasting is not a one size fits all business. There for I offer many different types of medias for different jobs including but not limited to:coal slag, garnet, crushed glass, soda, walnut shells, and corn cob among others. I offer dry blast, wet blast and water blasting with water only or with soda, crushed glass or garnet injected into the water stream! 


I just wanted you to know, you can always call with your questions but here are a few F.A.Q.'s I have had in the past.

(1) WHY SHOULD I HIRE YOU INSTEAD OF THE OTHER GUY'S? Glad you asked! I have general liability insurance, DO THEY? Who would pay for any damages that may occur when the job is being done or if the job is done incorrectly? (2) I am an owner operator with many years of experience I designed and built my own massive and very efficient rig and I know how to get maximum results and efficiency  out of it. FOR MORE FAQS GO TO MY FAQS PAGE!