Industrial Blast- My Rig


  1. This is a video about my sandblast rig and it's different components. It shows you what you get when you hire Industrial Blast Inc..

Universal Studios Bridge Deck Job

Brad owner of Golf Coast Construction hired Industrial Blast to sandblast the wooden decking on all the bridges at Volcano Bay because they got very slick after they got wet. We had to wait until 10 pm when the park closed, rush in my rig, put up the containment, let me blast as much as possible , clean up the crushed glass and then remove the containment all before 6am! Luckily Brad has an excellent crew and they made it happen every night! THANKS, guy's!

The Little Engine that Will!

I was called out to blast this little 2 cylinder engine. I believe it was built in 1905 and I thought you may want to see a little video about it. It can run on either 1 cylinder or both cylinders at once and the horse power can be adjusted from 1 to 6 hp! I have never seen anything like it! The owner is going to build a replica of Mercedes Benz first car (a three wheeler!) and install this engine in it. 

Industrial Blast a Cannon

I got a call to sandblast and paint a cannon at the Veterans Park on 301 in Tampa. I called my buddy Joe Pullaro a local painting contractor to help with the paint work. After we moved the cannon to Joe's shop  where I blasted it and then Joe and his crew primed and painted it. It came out great Joe thank for the great job and THANK YOU to all our veterans!

Blast My Yacht Billy

 I was hired to blast parts of an 80 foot long yacht's bottom. The customer and his contractor were very nice guys.  They had done a lot of the grinding and containment before I got there and just had me do the parts that were really bad!

Billy blasts a Pool!


Sometimes it happens- you don't have the money to remarcite your pool, so what's a poor man to do? Paint it blue! So when it came time to remarcite it the pool contractor called me in to blast the blue paint off.

Billy Blasts the Bricks!

A developer called me in to remove the tar, concrete and around 100 years of whatever off of the brick road they had just built in Manatee county Fl. The 100 plus year old brick came from a street in Indiana. It was an interesting job and it came out real nice without damaging the bricks. The owners were thrilled!

Blast my Patio Billy!

A very nice couple had me blast the brick pavers on they're back patio so they could have it resealed. It turned out real nice. I am sure they will be  having a ball partying on the patio for years to come!

Sand Blasting Steel Building

Ray, my first customer when I moved to Pinellas county bought three metal buildings to erect on a site in Ozona to be an R. V. storage center. Lou ( Lou's Crews) and his super crew of Iron workers did a great job of reassembling the frames and perlins once I blasted them and primed them with epoxy primer.


This is my first video introducing myself to the general public. That old rig was the second rig I had built after I moved to Pinellas county. It is what I really started my business with. It was really a rough truck with no power steering or brakes but it always got the job done and got me home afterwards! Makes me really appreciate the rig I have today!

Painting Semi Truck Trailer

Mike had me come out and blast and paint his 50 ton lowboy trailer. Once he had put it back together we came back and did this video. Thanks, Mike you are a great customer and a very nice guy.

Underwater Sandblasting - Port of Tampa

Now this is something you don't see every day, UNDERWATER sandblasting! Tampa Bay Marine had me  come out to one of they're customers dock's and so they could use my rig to blast the concrete pilings where they're ship ties up to unload so they could recoat them. I removed the electric controls so the dive tender could turn the blaster on and off for the diver.This is the only job I have ever done where someone else was doing the blasting using my rig!

Industrial Blast a Cannon


This is another video of the cannon I blasted and Joe Pullaro painted!

Blastin an Airstream!

Blasting the front and rear bumpers on a beautifully restored Air steam trailer. Gene, You did a great job restoring your 1966 Overlander Airstream trailer! I hope you have many years of happy camping in it!

Industrial Blast working on the railroad!

Blasting at Largo Central Park on the train track switch gear. Nice people , a fun little job to keep everything "on track!"

Industrial Blast an 8000 gallon gas tank

I was hired to blast the inside of an 8000 gallon underground gas tank at a gas station!

Billy repairs steel stairs on top of condo

I believe the roof is 13 stories high and I had to get on ladders on top of that!

Painted Trailer

A video showing my finished paint work on a trailer I had previously blasted.

Industrial blast a confined space!

I am Blasting and coating the inside of a potable water tank at a gay nudist camp in Dade city Fl. with Joe Pullaro the G. C. who hired me.

Sandblasting a utility trailer!

 Billy sandblasting in Clearwater FL. Commercial sandblast equipment removes rust and paint quickly. The sand blast nozzle creates a 3" diameter blast area. If you want to know how to remove rust quickly, then hire a professional sandblaster like Billy. For more information... go to